Amanda Jay’s mission is to offer awareness, transparency and options for a gradual transformation from the tired practices that no longer serve us. 

When the consumer demands change many new products will be born and many new inventors will be compelled to create plant based and compostable wardrobe options that we can all comfortably live with and afford. Until then Amanda Jay brings you her best vegan, ethical, sustainable, affordable and fashionable choices.

Always open to new creators and ideas, Amanda Jay strives to make this an all-inclusive humane venture of kindness and compassion.

Using her personal nickname Amanda Jay, Amanda values open and honest business practices fuelled by quality and integrity. She envisions giving everyone the option and opportunity to live compassionately (sympathetic consciousness of people, animals and the earth at large)Amanda provides products that are vegan, ethical, cruelty free, sustainable and affordable. The majority of her products are made in Canada with the exception of footwear made in Portugal, Jeans from Amsterdam and a few products made in California.